Friday, May 25, 2007

Head ache Away!

I'd been having perpetual headaches the past couple of weeks. Heck, more like ever since SYF season started. These were tension headaches more than anything else, and probably also due to my tendency to clench my teeth whenever I'm stressed. (My money-sucking Prothedontist suggested Botox at 1.2K a jab) I reckon that's the main cause of me waking up with dull aches every morning, it seriously ruins your day and as my mum would say, robs of the quality of life. Unwilling to continually stuff myself with Panadol, and, (according to siyi) kill my nerves, I lived with these aches most of the time till they became part of my head.

Walking about the central area of Singapore yesterday had a surprisingly refreshing effect on me. Despite our scorching, humid weather resulting in my constant squinting and quite sticky skin, I found myself in a rather cheerful mood. My friends (esp my section) would know what the heat normally does to me. Let's just say you wouldn't want to get within a 1-metre radius of me should I be in a non-airconditioned place. It had suddenly dawned upon me that I hadn't done anything for the past few weeks which wasn't related to 1) going to class 2)going home 3)going for CO 4) going for a CO related thing. My freaking mental life involves shuttling between schoolwork and co. I'm ashamed to say my mind's still with work even when I'm in church.

And hence the several hours spent yesterday just bumming around the library and mall were extremely, extremely liberating. I actually found myself free from all headaches for those hours! Yay! I seriously haven't felt so happy in a long time. And this coming from a trip to the National Libray, haha, how sad and deprived is that? :) hey, pool's still on ok!

However the bliss was short-lived and the headache began resurfacing as soon as I stepped into the car and the formidable mound of undone work rose from yonder horizon.

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