Tuesday, June 21, 2011

1cm x 1cm Origami Crane

 After having spent most of Swotvac web surfing, blog surfing and peeping at the lives of others, I came to one realisation. 

I have no niche to talk about, show off or share with the world.

Sure I can play decent guitar without killing a cat, I think I can play a tune on the cello (but possibly break glass), I can write coherently and grammatically with somewhat complexly embedded sentences which require slightly higher level parsing sometimes at times, I can bake things that aren't going to kill people by hitting them, and I might be able to draw some cute cartoon-ish things on cue, I might be able to draw stupid designs on nails every once in a while


I'm not insanely good at any of those items! 

Well, at least not insanely good enough such that it surpassess (in my opinion), 1.5 standard deviations from the mean! In other words, 


So, I thought to myself. People have baking blogs with perfect little muffins, and drawing blogs (such as my secondary school friend Esther, which you have to check out), and people have blogs just about ANYTHING. So I thought maybe, just maybe, I could find such an obscure skill that no one has yet discovered... And immediately I thought..

Mini Origami!

I treasure the nimbleness of my fingers (hey, they maybe fat, but they're dexterious!) And recalled how I used to love making mini everythings when I was a kid. Mini plasticine models, tiny cows made of blu-tack, little drawings (kind of), and of course, mini origami. (well, just a couple of times). And here's the result from last night: 

Hello! So I embarked on my quest of folding an origami paper crane by a 1cm x 1cm paper. (After an afternoon dwadle preparing with the stats paper the next day). I took the liberty of

The final crane about the size of half my nail.
There it is in my by-then-sweaty palms
The process starts off easy of course, with simply quatering the size of the paper. And it's not yet so thick. This slowly gets harder (obviously) as the paper gets folded over and over and over and over.
This is probably the hardest step to get to, folding in the tiny corners to get the perfect little wings.

The end product! I think I had a harder time balancing it on my nail and actually capturing a proper macro shot of it. Days I wish I had a proper DSLR!!

So ended the 15minute fight with the paper and camera.


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