Monday, June 13, 2011

If I Quit school now....

My favourite penguins!
 I'd want to become a nail artist and come up with the silliest, stupidiest nails.

Working on miniature objects, whether it's building one, drawing one or folding one (I once folded a crane with a 1cmx1cm paper) ((Which now gives me a new idea to distract myself from study)).

Here's the 2011 collection of silly/not-so-silly nails I've done here in Brisbane! They aren't much actually, which is quite a pity, I wish I'd done more, just so that I can build up my portfoilio in case I fail and drop out of uni at any one time.

Either that, or by the time I get to start my own speech therapy clinic I'd already have the option of providing 'additional' services while mums wait for their kids in therapy (and then I'll hire a therapist to actually give the therapy while I paint Mum's nails)

After one penguin got chipped in half, I replaced him with a fishy...

And embarked on drawing him more fishy friends! (The last one's a seahorse)
Which I added a crab to this morning after the final penguin decided to have it's head chipped off.
 And here are some of the earlier 'classier' looking ones I had during the semester when I had to go for weekly clinics (and therefore keep my nails tame).

And of course, Minions!

And the ultimate favourite ladybugs (or as the kid at the kindy says, 'Baibeebug')
These bumblebees were probably the ugliest ever, haha.. it was one of the first few attempts in the year

Which concludes my nail-picture post =)

I'm gonna see Gaby in 2 weeks!! :D:D

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