Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tuesday's Paper

I realised something slightly funny on my Stats paper on Tuesday. This was the exam that provided quite a number of 'firsts' for me.

1) This was the first paper since JC that I've actually had to bring in a calculator and use it for something other than simple mathematics (i.e. I had many many decimal places, but that's it)

2) I sat behind a big, hulking guy (who hadn't taken a shower I presume, since it was a cold 8am paper). Which is quite funny, because when he sat down, I suddenly realised that I've never ever sat behind a guy during an exam before.

As many of you would now, my course now proudly has 74 females and 1 male. (And I'm proud to say he's Singaporean and has surviveed!!) haha. Sometimes, I do wonder if Speech Pathology is a sexist occupation. You know how women are constantly complaining about making their way into the corporate world and how it's such a sexist world yadah yadah yadah, well, one day, I think guys are gonna speak up and complain about how Speech pathology is a sexist field and that how it's insanely difficult for them to get it.. Haha....

Yeah right.. one  day.

That'll be the day that bananas are given the status of abalone. Did you know that bananas are $12/kg here in Brisbane now due to the floods/cyclones in December and early this year? Let me put that into context, that price basically means that a single average sized banana is gonna cost you $2. $2 for a bananana????

Which is why my banana craving has never been stronger and I'm therefore asking my mum to bring in 3 or 4 bananas into the airport when I stopover in Singapore while waiting for her to join me in the airport to fly to Zurich. And I'm already dreaming about the banana kueh from Bengewang Solo...

Oooooo... nanaa,.....

Sometimes I look at the bananas the kids at the kindy have and can't help but just stare longingly at them... WAhhhh... And some of them don't even like bananas, what a waste of $2 on them! (Darn, should've grown my own bananna tree somewhere last year!)

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