Tuesday, June 07, 2011


Have you ever felt as if the world decided that it was time to let all your mistakes bite you back in the ass?

It's the day the piercing which your mum told you not to get gets infected and septic, threatening to pull your ear down along with it.

It's the moment your mobile phone drops into the toilet bowl as you pee after your mum said 'don't put it in your back pocket'

It's the day the speeding ticket arrives in your name after the GPS had already warned you that speeding cameras were in taht area

It's the day that someone confronts you about something awful you said about them behind their back while lying to their face

It's the day your boyfriend or girlfriend confronts you about the time you cheated on them though you thought no one was watching

It's the time your teacher decides to spot check your workbook which you hadn't filled in in weeks thinking she would never check

It's the moment you see that parking ticket flapping at your windscreen wiper when you come back from a 15min stop at the shops with a huge 'NO STOPPING' sign.

It's the time you fart in a lift, thinking it's going to be a silent one but it actually rips and the people around you actually get a shock

It's when you get diarrhoea after eating food you knew was too spicy for you

(Pretty much all the examples are not from real life experience bute purely made up.. but..)

For me:

It's when you drop your wallet in a cinema theatre because you didn't have a bag to put it in even though your mum has told you countless times NOT to do that because you will precisely lose it. Which I have finally done after countless lucky near-losses of wallets/handphones.

I sure was a dumbass to carry my wallet, mobile and keys without a bag. And even though I was, my mum was so awesome as to not even mention or even have a tinge of the 'I-told-you-so' tone, and so sympathetically simply advised me on what I should do about the lost licenses. I have the awesomest mom (she did the same when I left my handphone in a taxi in KL and when I dropped a sim card in Amsterdam and raked up a $400 bill because the person who picked it up used it)

I'm beginning to contemplate insurance for losing items. Is that even available?

On a positive note, one mistake that didn't bite me in the ass was when I parked at Southbanlk today to run to the cinema in a metered area, and the parking warden soooo nicely let my off when I told him I had lost my wallet and had no money to pay and that I had to run to the cinema. He was so sweet and empathetic, I wanted to just hug him and cry out all my frustrations. Brisbane City Council does have it's good points at times =)

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