Friday, June 17, 2011

The Inate Singaporean in Me...

 So let me first begin this post by saying that I know that in this face-paced age where almost everything is either instant or immediate (e.g. internet banking, online deliveries, super duper fast MRTs etc.), I understand how everyone is very much driven by convenience (and the seeing the immediate effect of things). Therefore, if you would like to comment on anything but can't be bothered because of the tedious detail-filling-on format of Blogger, I do  have a Chatter box!

So do please comment to make me feel lurved and as if there are people reading whatever nonsense I write on whatever random topics I decide to =)

Back to what I was supposed to talk about, this post is about how fantastic it feels getting free samples and what not from amazing websites such as this

Let's face it, what else can turn a crappy day into a less-crappy one except trudging home to open your mailbox to find....

Free samples!!


As some prominent female bloggers would say,"Free samples is loves!'' (Don't ask me how that is in anyway grammatical or sensible, they have a gazillion readers and therefore can come up with whatever taglines they want and still be popular... so there!)

 That's just some of the many items I've gotten from Ozbargain this year, ranging from gourmet tea samples, diapers and baby cereal to lipbalm, jewellary and various hair products. Last year my collection mainly comprised of detergent and clothing disinfectant (stuff you put into the washing machine along with dtergent so that you get rid of other yucky stuff apparently), so this year's grabs have been pretty fantastic considering utility level and variety! 

The stuff on the right is what I'll be bringing down to Zurich for my sister/Gaby, mainly diapers, cereal and yes, materity lingerie (HAHA to my sister!)

This piece came in a couple weeks ago and is my ultimate favourite, it came from stylecloset that gives a piece to anyone who 'likes' their Facebook wall or registers. I don't care if 45,395 other girls have the same necklace and know I got it for free, It's PREETTTYYYY

And it came in that lovely pink chiffon-esqe bag too! So much for a free gift right??

 And you would be surprised at how cheapo and kiasu the Aussies are too!  (Aww, we Singaporeans aren't that special after all!). Many actually come up with computer programmes to autofill websites to get shitloads of free stuff. Basically, the more tech-savvy ones have programmes which automatically fill in fake data into the sites to get 100 free samples delivered to their address under different fake email addresses. 

Speaking of tech-savvy people, I actually managed to make my blog look nicer! This paragraph initially consisted of me asking someone to help me, but I went off and attempted on my own and managed to change it thanks to Blogger's very very idiot-proof template changer! =)

Asking me to manipulate html is akin to asking a dyslexic to manipulate sounds in a word (haha, Speechie joke.. ok geek moment).


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